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Welcome to Episode 1 of Inside Wire TV, the UK’s only dedicated channel to helping people just like you with all the advice and help you could ever imagine, plus much more! In this episode I talk about the importance of protecting your carpets and upholstery, whether they have just been installed or you are thinking about cleaning your carpets yourself or hiring a carpet cleaning service, always seek expert advice, before applying any protectors. In this video you will soon see the main benefits a protector can have for you and how it will help protect your investment, Why? Because we care in making sure you get the best!

Please feel free to leave any comments, queries, questions or simply ask us for some advice.We are always more than happy to help!

If you’re looking for some advice on “how to remove that stain” or the best tips on stain removal, then you have most definitely come to the right place.

Whether its a coffee stain, red wine stain, the list is endless! or you are seeking knowledge for the ultimate stain remover? Leave a comment at the bottom and you will soon receive expert advice from a Carpet Cleaning Professional that has had many years experience in the field, with some simple, easy tips that may save you a lot of your time and in most instances your money!

Welcome to episode 3 of Inside Wire TV, in this episode I talk about the importance of NOT cutting damaged parts off the warps (fringes) to your Oriental Rug, whether the dog has chewed them or they are starting to fray from wear these concerns can be rectified by a professional rug repair service.

If the fringes are left to fray for to long and you do not consider using a rug repair service sooner rather than later, being the main structure to your rug they will start to fall apart and the value of your rug may devalue dramatically.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question and i will be more than happy to make a video with the relevant answers.

Welcome to the 4th episode of Inside Wire TV.
In this short video some helpful tips are shared with daily and routine maintenance of how to clean natural stone floors with simple and effective techniques, that actually take care and keep your floors looking stunning for longer, making them considerably easier to clean.
These methods can be used on all tiled floors, the only thing you may need to change is the cleaning solution used dependent on your tile floor type and finish.

For further guidance and help with what to use, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help if need be.