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Are you looking for a leather cleaning and restoration company to bring your cherished leather back to life?

Updated:21/03/2017: Whether you are looking for a leather repair, leather cleaning and restoration company or simply you feel you could do with some expert advice or stain removal guidance? Then your in the right place that’s for sure!


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Your leather furniture, leather car seat, fashion accessory or even an item of clothing. Can be brought back to life. With a replenished ‘soft supple feel’ again!

The whole appearance will look like and in some cases, better than new. Especially when choosing us as your preferred leather repair company.

Not only can the ingrained dirt be cleaned away. Making your leather jacket, leather handbag or even upholstered leather look beautifully clean. Repaired, or even completely restored. To a like new appearance. Knocking your socks off with our phenomenal service experience, is and always will be. Our top priority!


When do I need a leather restoration company


> Is your well used leather item starting to look worn?

> Maybe your leather car seat or leather furniture has lost that soft and supple feel! Is it not as comfy as it used to be?

> The overall appearance seems shiny and not quite a natural look. Like when it was new!

> Are areas starting to look cracked, faded and seam to be wearing quite dramatically?

> The most cherished living room leather settee has cracks and a substantial amount of wear. On the arms and cushions?

Sometimes a little more TLC is required with certain leather garments or items. But please, don’t get in any form of panic. We can lovingly take care of you and your leather. Handling an array of tasks is at the forefront of what we do, with our dedicated craftsmanship in leather cleaning and restoration.

Whether its:

  • Cracked leather
  • Rip, burn or tear
  • Worn finish
  • Colour fade
  • Pet damage
  • Odour removal

As your preferred leather repair specialist, all of your areas of concern can easily be rectified. To a condition you thought was nether achievable by exceeding your expectations. Well we do like to amaze people!


Our seal of approval 100% money back guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee…

If you are not pleased with level of service or skill in craftsmanship, don’t pay a penny! That’s our promise to you.

My leather upholstery is really badly damaged

Relax… scuffs, ink, scratches.

Stains, burns, worn finish and even rips can be repaired.

Your most loved leather Chester suite, aged antique couch, actually in fact. Any pigment coated or Aniline leather style item can be restored.

Whether it’s a leather purse, car interior, garment or home furnishing. All of the following can be achieved with great passion and technical skill :

  • Leather Deep Cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Replacing lost moisture
  • Dye transfer removal
  • Re-colouring
  • Grease removal
  • Complete leather restoration


Your leather traditionally hand crafted in the Uk

We care that much, everything is done by hand. No harsh machines, no mechanical equipment. Just true craftsmanship in reviving some of your most precious leather items. With a reputable, award winning leather cleaning and restoration company in Gloucestershire.



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Can I use baby wipes on my leather sofa?

Regularly cleaning your leather upholstery, garments or any other item using baby wipes and washing up liquid can be detrimental to the finish of your leathers protective finish. That is applied after the tanning process.

Eventually, dirt will build up and collect. Which in time starts to destroy the protective seal. Un-noticeable at first, but this will leave your leather exposed to cracking when it starts to dry out. Once damaged, your leather sofa will be past cleaning. Restoration will only be your last resort!

What can I do to prevent further damage or staining?

Having a protective treatment applied, with an advanced formulation that prevent stains from oil and water based spillages. Not only can this help withstand these stains. But also damage from body oils, abrasion from dirt and fading from UV light.

Fortunately applying this comes as standard with our services, as keeping your leather in tip top shape is our top priorty!

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