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Could you really do with some stain removal advice?

Discover how we can help you with our expert guidance…

Removing stains, spots and spills from accidents on your carpets, upholstery, curtains and most soft furnishings can be challenging. You can have a 99% chance of stain removal when simple guidelines are kept to and treated in the appropriate manner, sooner rather than later.


Here is how we can help you…

Firstly- Spills like soft drinks, red wine, tea and coffee or any other form of a water based liquid, dry by blotting the area with a white coloured cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible. keep repeating this process until the fibre/fabric is as dry as possible, then give us a call on 0800 28 89112 and w will give you all the FREE advice you could ever possibly imagine!

Tricky stains to watch out for!

Nail varnish, ink, blood, shoe polish, vomit or even with excrement, DO NOT vigorously rub! You will just push the staining into the backing of the carpet, aiding in only costing you more from a professional carpet cleaner to remove.

So what can I do? Scrape the surface excess off and softly blot the area DO NOT use any type of domestic product as they WILL NOT work! They will most probably permanently make the stain irreversible (especially if wool), trust me you will just smudge it into the area and make it worse than it already looks, making it harder if not impossible for us to remove which will be wasting your money and our efforts.

Oil based stains…

Non water based Ink, Eye liner, Foundation or any other sort of makeup and Fake tan DO NOT TOUCH at all! Just pick up the phone and contact us on 0800 28 89 112 and we will tell you exactly what to do!

Secondly- If you do not have one of our fantastic Professional Stain Removers (RRP £9.99) under your kitchen sink then you really do need to pick up your phone and contact us to get one delivered to your front door in person from our friendly team completely FREE, yes you have heard this correct, FREE! You do not have to spend a penny or even waste money on DIY products that will only aid in damaging your beautiful synthetic or wool rich carpets.

We care that much, we will replace your bottle when it’s empty for the rest of your life! So you never need to contemplate on what to do when the worst occurs, our details are on the label for all the free advice you need and if it comes to it our expert stain removal assistance.

What about pet urine?

We strongly recommend you do not leave this untouched from a professional and follow this link now Pet Urine Decontamination for more information.



What to do if red wine is spilled on my carpet or upholstery?

Gently blot the area/s as much as you can. Once excess liquid is removed sprinkle salt granules (not table salt) on the stain to help absorb any further wine in the carpet or fabric. When dry vacuum, if need be contact us straight after or as soon as you can.

Can most stains be removed?

This is a 50% possible chance if you have not stuck to our stain removal equation. Don’t panic we do guarantee a 110% effort to try and do our best with our extensive knowledge and advanced stain removal techniques, for you every time.

Do I buy new carpet if it’s permanently stained?

We don’t like to see an expensive carpet wasted and most importantly a customer without a delighted face. This can be rectified and is a longer process than stain removal, so obviously some expense goes along with it but compared to the hassle and cost of replacement, we will save you a fortune and your home will go back to looking great, with our recolour or carpet repair service.

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