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Don’t Scroll down if you have a weak stomach for human faeces!

cleaning human waste

I know its not nice, but human faeces can contain biohazardous pathogens.

As you can see in the picture above, human faeces are left outside of an abandoned flat (yes this does really happen), central in Cheltenham city.

Not only was the three bedroom apartment cluttered with rubbish, trash and clothes. Which appeared to be stolen from local high street shops.

Discarded needles were left in various areas, within the property. Maybe for someone to potentially contaminate them self with, or catch a deadly viruses. It was as if no one had a care in the world! Let alone, what someone was having to face. When it came to getting this property back on track again!


Cleaning up human poop!

I will admit, ‘cleaning up’ human excrement is not one of the nicest things to do.

But, when a potential home is ready for a revamp, renovation or even maybe just a clean. The experts are required to ease the burden and most importantly, remove all contamination. Safley and effectively, so you can get back on track again!

Whether you require the services of a specialist to remove human faeces,  unwanted belongings, drug paraphernalia, or even perform a rubbish clearance. 

Finding a compassionate company to care for you and all your requirements, every step of the way.

Yes, we can really can save your day.



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Here we have professionally taken picture of the owner (Adrian Mitchell) and former partner (Anna Wildsmith) on the right, with a white background from our company Sheen - Complete Floor & Fabric CareHello I’m Adrian on the left, founder and skilled craftsman of the company. Whilst studying the science of cleaning, my passion is to restore soft and hard furnishings back to a like new condition. It’s more than a job its my hobby.

I enjoy the country, equine and American sport but most of all I love spending quality time with my children and squeezing in a bit of business to business when I can. It is such a pleasure to be a family run company because I can mix my two favorite things together, solving your concerns and making memories with the little rascals.

Hi I’m Anna, I take care of everything from enquiries, bookings, admin and making sure you receive all relevant information to get the best service experience available plus much more. I am always here to help! Apart from adoring the children in my life, I have to admit I am the one that gives into temptation when a friend asks to go clothes shopping or even just looking at anything sparkly through a shop window!

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