Cleaning blood from a carpet

Cleaning up blood on your carpet

  3 mistakes everybody makes, when cleaning blood from a carpet! Cleaning blood from a carpet can be a challenging task! Not only can it be a traumatic event, for

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Extracting moisture from a rug with a water claw tool

Extracting water after the rug washing process

  Extracting as much moisture as possible, is critical! After cleaning your cherished rug      Removing or extracting as much retained moisture, is quite critical! Leaving a rug damp

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Polished Travertine Floor

What is an Unblemished Look?

What actually is an Unblemished look on floor tiles? An unblemished look may differ, from how another can imagen a finish to look! But, in my opinion. An unblemished look

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Guest post from Rachel Kerr

Guest post from Author Rachel Kerr

  5 Forgotten Things in Your Home You Need to Clean Are you a proud home owner? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of keeping your home clean and tidy? Then

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Urine detection

Pet Urine Detection with a Black Light

  How does Pet urine detection work? An ultra violet light is the key tool to pet urine detection. This making life much easier than crawling around sniffing the floor out!

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Yellow lid Medical Waste sharps bin

What does a 5 Litre Sharps Bin look like?

  What is a needle bin…   Holds and transports sharps containing or contaminated with medicines (other than cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines), such as sharps used for blood samples and

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biohazard specimen bag

Orange Medical/Hazardous Waste Bags

  What do hazardous waste bags look like… Holds and transports biomedical waste (non-sharps). What can go in this bag? Clinical/infectious waste Hazardous/non hazardous Infectious waste that can be rendered

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Performing a Suicide Clean up

Specialist Suicide Clean Up

  Giving you the guidance and compassion, throughout a suicide clean up remediation    When it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a suicide clean up, not only can

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Human faeces

Human Faeces Clean up, Cleaning Human waste

  !WARNING! Don’t Scroll down if you have a weak stomach for human faeces!

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Top Tips for Blood Stain Removal on Your Carpet

You’r expert guidance, with a blood stained carpet. What to do and not to do, in an unfortunate event! Do you need help with blood stain removal? You’ve had an accident

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carpet cleaning in gloucester, gloucestershire

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Gloucester, Gloucestershire

  Setting a NEW standard with air quality, staff morel and greater production with commercial carpet cleaning in Gloucester, here’s how…  When it comes to carpet cleaning in Gloucester, so

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slate floor cleaning and sealing

Slate Floor Cleaning and Sealing Worcestershire

Looking for a Slate Floor Cleaning and Sealing company in Worcestershire?

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rubbish clearance gloucestershire

Rubbish Clearance and Needle Sweep

  Specialist needle sweep & rubbish clearance in Stroud  On first entry of this property, as you can see in the video below. With out a doubt a rubbish clearance expert

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Amtico floor cleaning & sealing

Amtico Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Are you looking for professional Amtico floor cleaning & sealing from a reliable expert, that you can trust to take care of you and your home? When choosing an Amtico

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Marble Fireplace Restoration Gloucestershire

Marble Fireplace Restoration

  Have you damaged your Marble fireplace surround? Imagine a safe, simple marble fireplace restoration solution! Here’s how…    Prevention on even having to find a professional marble fireplace restoration company

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carpet cleaning in cirencester

Carpet Cleaning in Cirencester

Are your carpets looking dull & grubby? If so, you need help from a professional with all your carpet cleaning needs! It’s that time again, when you find yourself looking at

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travertine floor cleaning

Travertine Floor Cleaning, Restoration & Polishing Gloucestershire

Are you finding maintenance difficult when it comes to Travertine floor cleaning on a routine basis?  Do you own a once beautiful looking Travertine floor? You love it, but seriously

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Needle Collection, Needle Sweep, Sharps Bin & Clinical Waste Disposal

  Disposing of needles are one thing, thoroughly searching to perform a needle collection service is another… After being concerned in performing the dangerous task of needle collection, not only

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slate floor cleaning in Worcestershire

Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Gloucestershire

Simplicity and ease on maintenance, all from a slate floor cleaning service you can trust! Slate floor cleaning on a regular basis can be a tricky and tedious task when it

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ceramic tile and grout cleaning

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning Gloucestershire

Filthy grout lines really can be a thing of the past…  When it comes to ceramic tile and grout cleaning, the most common headache we here day in, day out,

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quarry tile floor cleaning

Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration Gloucestershire

Is Quarry tile floor cleaning really that simple… When your existing Quarry tile floor is maintained correctly, or with some simple guidance or helpful tips from us, yes!  But when

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porcelain floor tile cleaning

Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaning Gloucestershire

Common Porcelain floor tile cleaning mistakes… Whether your Porcelain tiled floor is Polished, Matt or the newer type of Glazed finish, Porcelain floor tile cleaning is one of the most easiest

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damaged furniture leg

Preventing damage to furniture and your home!

Keeping in mind, damage to furniture and property protection!  One of the most over looked procedures, by some who claim to be a professional. Is what I feel, not protecting

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Dust mites

What about Dust Mites?

What about Dust Mites? We have to all face it dust mites are something we all live around and are apart of our day to day life. The average home has over

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steam cleaning carpets

What is Steam Cleaning?

  Professional or DIY? For Steam cleaning my carpets… One of the advantages of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, is their very powerful equipment. Which produces massive volume of vacuum.

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Bad smell

Not removing and leaving Bad Smells behind!

  Not removing and leaving Bad Smells behind! When your pet has that unfortunate accident. And wee’s on the carpet, 40% of pet owners  don’t even know its happened! Until

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Muddy wellies

Rapid re-soiling?

The science of cleaning a carpet is similar to washing your hair! When cleaning our hair we use a shampoo to break up dirt and grease after agitating it in with our

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Multiple Chemical sensitivity

Keeping chemical sensitivity in mind Multi chemical sensitivity is a chronic medical condition characterized by symptoms that the affected person attributes to low-level chemical exposure. Commonly attributed substances include scented

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Chemical damage

Wrong chemicals used can damage your carpet

The wrong chemicals used can damage your carpet! The most common mistake I see day in day out, is chemicals being used that completely destroy or permanently stain wall to wall carpeting.

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Moldy carpet

Mold growing in carpet

Over wetting when cleaning, will result in mold growing in your carpet… When cleaning carpets or upholstery yourself, one of the main contributions to poor health is by over wetting the

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needle colection

Hypodermic Needle Removal in Car Gloucestershire

  Gloucestershire Constabulary’s, first choice for expert needle removal…   After being called out to perform hypodermic needle removal in a hire car. For a national repair centre, extra caution

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Half bio hazard symbol in a blue circle which represents our specialist sanitising, crime scene & trauma cleaning

Specialist Sanitising & Extreme Cleaning in Gloucestershire

What is Sanitising & ULV Fogging? Sanitising fogging equipment is used predominately for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides. Our foggers generate a fog or mist formed of

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marble polishing

Marble Polishing Gloucestershire

  Are you looking for a Marble Polishing company in Gloucestershire? No matter what marble polishing, marble cleaning or marble restoration you require, one thing you can count on, is we have

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Rug cleaning in the workshop

The Fundamentals of Rug Cleaning

I wanted to let you in to a little secret when it comes to having your modern or oriental rug cleaning, here’s how… Firstly let’s highlight how area rugs are

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60 seconds BNI (Tewkesbury) presentation from a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Gloucestershire

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Here is a Granite kitchen worktops cleaning product on a granite countertop with a microfiber cloth

Granite Kitchen Worktops Cleaning Products

   Professional care on Granite counter tops in your home!  Safe, simple and easy to use! Granite Kitchen worktops cleaning can be made a breeze with our Fine Stone Cleaning

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Here we have a a basalt limstone floor in a busy Nation wide HQ, cornered off with red cones and an air mover present to keep the fumes down of a harsh stripper being used. Keeping health and saftey at the top of the list for people passing by

Doing our bit for Health and Safety!

Dealing with heavy footfall in a massive HQ, as always we had to be on top of our health and safety      After being called out by Barnwood Shopfitting  to remove

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The Scotchgard 3M Protector logo with black writting, white background and red tarten paterned underline

Do Scotchgard Carpet Protectors actually work?

Imagine if you spilled coffee, will it stain your carpet?  Scotchgard carpet protector is an option to consider…   Scotchgard carpet protector, why you can benefit… A Scotchgard carpet protector can give you

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Interior Car Cleaning Gloucestershire – Odour Removal

  For FREE advice and more information give us a Call on 01452 730 060

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mermoleum floor cleaning and sealing

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Saving you, and a lot of other people ‘A Tonne of Money!’ After being proudly selected for a free floor care consultation by an enthusiastic couple, eager to restore their Marmoleum

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Carpet Cleaning services in Cirencester

Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Cirencester?

What if you could get more value for your money, with a professional carpet cleaning company in Cirencester Finding professional carpet cleaning services in Cirencester is not the hardest of tasks

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Here wa have a picture of water beading up on the limestone tile and grout joint with our limestone sealing techinques

Limestone Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration Gloucestershire

Are you looking for a professional Limestone cleaning, restoration and polishing expert in Gloucestershire? Sheen Complete Floor & Fabric Care provide a phenomenal Limestone cleaning service experience that is second

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professional stone floor cleaning

Professional Flagstone Floor Cleaning in a Prestigious Wedding Venue

Its more than Professional Flagstone Floor Cleaning! As a leading service provider for professional stone floor cleaning and restoration you can appreciate why most of our work is in the

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Why You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Only?

8 things to think about first! Don’t get me wrong machines that can be hired from DIY stores are practical machines and adequate for a quick whip over to remove

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