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Saving you, and a lot of other people ‘A Tonne of Money!’

After being proudly selected for a free floor care consultation by an enthusiastic couple, eager to restore their Marmoleum flooring in Gloucestershire, one of the first words of concern was ” there is not much on the market at the moment that really took our eye”even though they did not want to go through the expense and hassle of replacing this floor, they were still stuck between the fact of ripping it up or whether or not this type of floor could be restored back to its former glory, as it was laid somewhat ten years ago.

Once some time was spent in the initial consultation stage it soon became clear that this lovely couple have been uneducated by the suppliers and not given correct guidelines with how to use products or the correct ones with maintaining their Marmoleum flooring, which is vital especially in an environment like a kitchen with the amount of wear and tear this floor must take.

So I set about to discuss with them and give the best possible advice on how easy general everyday Marmoleum floor cleaning can be with a simple system put in place that can completely take away the headache for good, once we have finished the Marmoleum floor cleaning and sealing process that will keep their floor looking beautiful for many years to come.

Four simple key points with Marmoleum floor cleaning:

  • Not using house hold products, as these can make yellowing on the surface of the Marmoleum
  • To dust mop quite frequently to remove as much dry soil as possible
  • Damp mop with a flat mop ‘Not’ wet mop with a traditional mop and bucket as you are just flooding the surface
  • To use a ph neutral product when damp mopping, like our Professional Care & Maintainer

Before replacing your Marmoleum floor, consider some free advice from us, we can save you a ‘tonne of money’ or at least guide you in the right direction!


marmoleum floor cleaning and sealing

Results beyond the imaginable with LVT flooring!

As usual our goal was to really show our client what can be achieved as a professional Marmoleum floor cleaning and sealing service provider, especially as there experience so far lacked in the correct guidance, resulting in the deterioration of the floors appearance.

To go that extra mile we chucked in a FREE one liter bottle of our Professional Care & Maintainer and most importantly spent that little extra time to go through the methods of how to use this product so the cleaning technique is a breeze.

As Marmoleum is naturally a porous material sealing is the most important principle of the life span of your floor, if left for too long some staining can be irreversible and aid in a dull and dirty looking floor, now we don’t want that do we?

Once your Marmoleum floor has been restored to something of complete beauty, apart from our four simple key points we recommend our Maintenance Procedure Plan to be put in place with a top up coat at least once a year for maximum durability, keeping your floor more appealing to the eye and a cost effective alternative in the long term compared to replacement. You can’t expect to drive your car and never replace the tyres can you?

As you can see the results for yourself in the picture on the right, you can imagine our clients reaction when they clapped their eyes on this, WOW! I must say I stood back proudly with a big grin on my face, apart from the restorative works, the most pleasing part!


What our client had to say

” had marmoleum floor down in kitchen for ten years, so glad we listened to Adrian’s advice with restoring it, great job ! Thanks”

Rosalind Barnes – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning and Sealing Gloucestershire


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