Polished Travertine Floor

What is an Unblemished Look?

  What actually is an Unblemished look on floor tiles? An unblemished look may differ, from how another can imagen a finish to look! But, in my opinion. An unblemished

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slate floor cleaning and sealing

Slate Floor Cleaning and Sealing Worcestershire

Looking for a Slate Floor Cleaning and Sealing company in Worcestershire?

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Amtico floor cleaning & sealing

Amtico Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Are you looking for professional Amtico floor cleaning & sealing from a reliable expert, that you can trust to take care of you and your home? When choosing an Amtico

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travertine floor cleaning

Travertine Floor Cleaning, Restoration & Polishing Gloucestershire

Are you finding maintenance difficult when it comes to Travertine floor cleaning on a routine basis?  Do you own a once beautiful looking Travertine floor? You love it, but seriously

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slate floor cleaning in Worcestershire

Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Gloucestershire

Simplicity and ease on maintenance, all from a slate floor cleaning service you can trust! Slate floor cleaning on a regular basis can be a tricky and tedious task when it

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ceramic tile and grout cleaning

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning Gloucestershire

Filthy grout lines really can be a thing of the past…  When it comes to ceramic tile and grout cleaning, the most common headache we here day in, day out,

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quarry tile floor cleaning

Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration Gloucestershire

Is Quarry tile floor cleaning really that simple… When your existing Quarry tile floor is maintained correctly, or with some simple guidance or helpful tips from us, yes!  But when

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porcelain floor tile cleaning

Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaning Gloucestershire

Common Porcelain floor tile cleaning mistakes… Whether your Porcelain tiled floor is Polished, Matt or the newer type of Glazed finish, Porcelain floor tile cleaning is one of the most easiest

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marble polishing

Marble Polishing Gloucestershire

  Are you looking for a Marble Polishing company in Gloucestershire? No matter what marble polishing, marble cleaning or marble restoration you require, one thing you can count on, is we have

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mermoleum floor cleaning and sealing

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Saving you, and a lot of other people ‘A Tonne of Money!’ After being proudly selected for a free floor care consultation by an enthusiastic couple, eager to restore their Marmoleum

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Here wa have a picture of water beading up on the limestone tile and grout joint with our limestone sealing techinques

Limestone Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration Gloucestershire

Are you looking for a professional Limestone cleaning, restoration and polishing expert in Gloucestershire? Sheen Complete Floor & Fabric Care provide a phenomenal Limestone cleaning service experience that is second

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professional stone floor cleaning

Professional Flagstone Floor Cleaning in a Prestigious Wedding Venue

Its more than Professional Flagstone Floor Cleaning! As a leading service provider for professional stone floor cleaning and restoration you can appreciate why most of our work is in the

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