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Simplicity and ease on maintenance, all from a slate floor cleaning service you can trust!

Slate floor cleaning on a regular basis can be a tricky and tedious task when it comes to cleaning a textured or riven surface. Traditional mop and bucket methods just seem to make the appearance drastically deteriorate, even over a short period of time.

It is not long until you realise getting down on your hands and knees with a deck scrubbing brush is the only option to maintain your cherished slate floor, this is not a task that makes you want to jump for joy is it.

Is the alternative, slate floor restoration?

What if, a passionate professional slate floor cleaning company in Gloucestershire could restore your slate tiled floor back to its former glory. Or even completely transform the look and feel while giving you all the free advice possible, when it comes to the up keep and ease of your slate floor cleaning requirements. Which by the way no longer becomes a dreaded task, more of a short process to your floor looking glamorous for much, much longer!

What are the options with my slate floor tiles?

Firstly, qualifying for the most phenomenal slate floor cleaning service in Gloucestershire is your key to your questions being answered and an easier life when it comes to knowing ‘Our Secrete’ to longer lasting, cleaner floors.

You will receive an endless supply to our knowledge for complete peace of mind and to give you that extra helping hand, maintenance will be effortless and a  complete breeze.

Are you fed up, tired or just completely give up with the headache of worn looking tiles and dirty grout lines? Then you should be highly considering our slate floor cleaning and sealing services.

We can help you, just like we’ve helped many before, whether its Porcelain floor tile cleaning to stone, tile & grout cleaning and restoration requirements, we have got it covered.


Is your floor like this?

cleaning dirty slate floor


Now it can look like this!

slate floor cleaning and sealing


Call 0n 01452 730060 to book your very own FREE Floor Care Consultation at a time and date to suit you. With this we can run through what you would like to achieve, what finish to the floor you would like and how you can easily keep a ‘once restored slate floor’ looking great for much, much longer.

This really could be the smartest choice you have ever made when it comes to your slate floor cleaning and sealing concerns. Education is always key!


Our ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ Money Back Guarantee

If you feel the work that we performed doesn’t meet your expectations, we will rush back immediately and rectify your concern.

Just to make sure your confident we are worth our weight in gold, if you are still not happy. We will give a 100% of your Money Back and  two can dine at your favourite place of choice, at our expense! If we feel you have not been blown away with our service provided to you.


Make the smart choice and Get in touch Today, we will do our very best to help


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