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Common Porcelain floor tile cleaning mistakes…

Whether your Porcelain tiled floor is Polished, Matt or the newer type of Glazed finish, Porcelain floor tile cleaning is one of the most easiest floor tile types to regularly keep in order. When done correctly, with a really easy maintenance procedure plan put in place or even more so with some free tips and advice from us.

Usually the bug bear is when it comes to maintaining clean looking grout lines, yep we have a solution for that too!

Even though a Porcelain floor tile is an impervious material, Porcelain will still stain. With an absorption rate of less than 5%, acid based materials or regular maintenance of porcelain floor tile cleaning with ammonia and bleach based products will not be the safest of options for keeping the longevity in the appearance of your porcelain floor, or even stopping it from staining.

Help and advice is always at hand, as your preferred Professional porcelain floor tile cleaning, sealing and restoration services in Gloucestershire, we will aid your concerns and rescue your investment.

Plush & lustrous finish

With the growing demand and popularity of porcelain floor and wall tiles the shear elegance of these tile types can come in an array of designs from the manufacturer (some and we hope not you) mistaking them for natural stone like marble.

Thinking of you only!

Our aim is to give you the most passionate, caring and unbeatable customer orientated service when it comes to choosing us as your porcelain floor tile cleaning and sealing company. With odourless non-solvent based materials that are only made from natural plant extracts, you will not be over whelmed from strong smelling chemicals, only by our flawlessness in results and quality!

If you are the DIY type and have the confidence to tackle the task set out yourself, you can simply purchase 5 liters of porcelain tile and grout cleaner from us and have our expert guidance to back you up, caring for you every step of the way, whether its ceramic tile and grout cleaning on your bathroom walls or natural stone floor restoration, we have it covered for you!

Standing behind our workmanship…

This is something we believe every consumer should receive as standard, well you will with us that is for sure. 

Our seal of approval 100% money back guaranteeIf you have an area of concern we will immediately rush back and rectify this. If we feel that you are still not overly delighted then you will receive a full refund and buy you dinner for two at your favorite place to dine! Being the only company that we know of in the whole of the United Kingdom to offer such a tangible guarantee we feel confident you will be more than pleased, otherwise we have made ourselves a failure and most importantly let you, the customer down!

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