Polished Travertine Floor

What is an Unblemished Look?

What actually is an Unblemished look on floor tiles? An unblemished look may differ, from how another can imagen a finish to look! But, in my opinion. An unblemished look

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damaged furniture leg

Preventing damage to furniture and your home!

Keeping in mind, damage to furniture and property protection!  One of the most over looked procedures, by some who claim to be a professional. Is what I feel, not protecting

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Here we have a a basalt limstone floor in a busy Nation wide HQ, cornered off with red cones and an air mover present to keep the fumes down of a harsh stripper being used. Keeping health and saftey at the top of the list for people passing by

Doing our bit for Health and Safety!

Dealing with heavy footfall in a massive HQ, as always we had to be on top of our health and safety      After being called out by Barnwood Shopfitting  to remove

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Here wa have a picture of water beading up on the limestone tile and grout joint with our limestone sealing techinques

Limestone Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration Gloucestershire

Are you looking for a professional Limestone cleaning, restoration and polishing expert in Gloucestershire? Sheen Complete Floor & Fabric Care provide a phenomenal Limestone cleaning service experience that is second

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