Preventing damage to furniture and your home!

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Keeping in mind, damage to furniture and property protection! 

One of the most over looked procedures, by some who claim to be a professional. Is what I feel, not protecting floors used for access purposes and furniture legs from moisture, after steam cleaning a carpet. But why? I don’t know either!? This baffles me too!

With out a doubt, whether I’m working in a country home, stately manor or business complex. Complete diligence is always taken into consideration for others possessions, as we do work hard for what we have, don’t we?

What about scratching up my walls, corners and wood work?

When it comes to calling upon an expert to clean your plush carpets, fine fabrics or even restoring your cherished floors. You can feel comfortable knowing your home is in safe hounds, when hiring us as your preferred service provider.


Protecting furniture legs after cleaning…

Always allow 24-48 hours for a just cleaned carpeted area/s to dry properly. Then remove furniture tabs or polystyrene blocks that any true professional always has to hand, to put under your items of furniture. Not doing this is just tempting fate. Usually you will find that your furniture is damaged from soaking up retained moisture, or vice versa the varnishes from wood can make marks on your carpet.