Cleaning blood from a carpet

Cleaning up blood on your carpet

  3 mistakes everybody makes, when cleaning blood from a carpet! Cleaning blood from a carpet can be a challenging task! Not only can it be a traumatic event, for

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Extracting moisture from a rug with a water claw tool

Extracting water after the rug washing process

  Extracting as much moisture as possible, is critical! After cleaning your cherished rug      Removing or extracting as much retained moisture, is quite critical! Leaving a rug damp

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Urine detection

Pet Urine Detection with a Black Light

  How does Pet urine detection work? An ultra violet light is the key tool to pet urine detection. This making life much easier than crawling around sniffing the floor out!

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Top Tips for Blood Stain Removal on Your Carpet

You’r expert guidance, with a blood stained carpet. What to do and not to do, in an unfortunate event! Do you need help with blood stain removal? You’ve had an accident

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Bad smell

Not removing and leaving Bad Smells behind!

  Not removing and leaving Bad Smells behind! When your pet has that unfortunate accident. And wee’s on the carpet, 40% of pet owners  don’t even know its happened! Until

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Muddy wellies

Rapid re-soiling?

The science of cleaning a carpet is similar to washing your hair! When cleaning our hair we use a shampoo to break up dirt and grease after agitating it in with our

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Multiple Chemical sensitivity

Keeping chemical sensitivity in mind Multi chemical sensitivity is a chronic medical condition characterized by symptoms that the affected person attributes to low-level chemical exposure. Commonly attributed substances include scented

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Chemical damage

Wrong chemicals used can damage your carpet

The wrong chemicals used can damage your carpet! The most common mistake I see day in day out, is chemicals being used that completely destroy or permanently stain wall to wall carpeting.

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Moldy carpet

Mold growing in carpet

Over wetting when cleaning, will result in mold growing in your carpet… When cleaning carpets or upholstery yourself, one of the main contributions to poor health is by over wetting the

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The Scotchgard 3M Protector logo with black writting, white background and red tarten paterned underline

Do Scotchgard Carpet Protectors actually work?

Imagine if you spilled coffee, will it stain your carpet?  Scotchgard carpet protector is an option to consider…   Scotchgard carpet protector, why you can benefit… A Scotchgard carpet protector can give you

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Why You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Only?

8 things to think about first! Don’t get me wrong machines that can be hired from DIY stores are practical machines and adequate for a quick whip over to remove

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