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Over wetting when cleaning, will result in mold growing in your carpet…

why i should hire a professional carpet cleaner mould and mildew from cleaning carpets or upholstery yourself, one of the main contributions to poor health is by over wetting the carpet and/or not drying the carpet fast enough, resulting in wet carpets or upholstery for days or even weeks, remember you could end up with ‘mold growing in carpet’.

When left untreated by a professional for too  long  your soft furnishings can end up with a fousty smell and even be redeemed for one thing, fit for the bin! Now that’s a costly mistake.

Did  you  know that when a fibre or fabric is left wet for longer than 72 hours bacteria starts to form living organisms that turn into mould and  mildew,  which is apart of the fungi family. This bacteria thrives in temperatures at 30 degrees and  starts to rapidly reproduce.

With our  homes being kept  heated in the winter and warm in the summer this  temperature is easily consistent to start farming our own breading  ground for poor health.

When living around mould and mildew for long periods of time, respiratory issues can start to arise. Not removing and leaving bad smells behind can then become difficult to live with, but play a bourdon to your emotional well being.