Extracting moisture from a rug with a water claw tool

Extracting water after the rug washing process

  Extracting as much moisture as possible, is critical! After cleaning your cherished rug      Removing or extracting as much retained moisture, is quite critical! Leaving a rug damp

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Polished Travertine Floor

What is an Unblemished Look?

What actually is an Unblemished look on floor tiles? An unblemished look may differ, from how another can imagen a finish to look! But, in my opinion. An unblemished look

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slate floor cleaning and sealing

Slate Floor Cleaning and Sealing Worcestershire

Looking for a Slate Floor Cleaning and Sealing company in Worcestershire?

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rubbish clearance gloucestershire

Rubbish Clearance and Needle Sweep

  Specialist needle sweep & rubbish clearance in Stroud  On first entry of this property, as you can see in the video below. With out a doubt a rubbish clearance expert

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Half bio hazard symbol in a blue circle which represents our specialist sanitising, crime scene & trauma cleaning

Specialist Sanitising & Extreme Cleaning in Gloucestershire

What is Sanitising & ULV Fogging? Sanitising fogging equipment is used predominately for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides. Our foggers generate a fog or mist formed of

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marble polishing

Marble Polishing Gloucestershire

  Are you looking for a Marble Polishing company in Gloucestershire? No matter what marble polishing, marble cleaning or marble restoration you require, one thing you can count on, is we have

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60 seconds BNI (Tewkesbury) presentation from a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Gloucestershire

Home > Inside Wire TV http://youtu.be/l08mdj52ZdM
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The Scotchgard 3M Protector logo with black writting, white background and red tarten paterned underline

Do Scotchgard Carpet Protectors actually work?

Imagine if you spilled coffee, will it stain your carpet?  Scotchgard carpet protector is an option to consider…   Scotchgard carpet protector, why you can benefit… A Scotchgard carpet protector can give you

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Interior Car Cleaning Gloucestershire – Odour Removal

  For FREE advice and more information give us a Call on 01452 730 060

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