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Specialist needle sweep & rubbish clearance in Stroud 

On first entry of this property, as you can see in the video below. With out a doubt a rubbish clearance expert is required to carefully and tediously search through the reminance left over from the previous tennant.

Not only was this tenant growing cannibis within this once well maintained property. But this young person was a sadly addicted to heroin. So as you can imagen, being on the alert for harmfull and potential needle stick injuries was with my top priorty!

#NeedleSweep in #Berkeley as you can see a lot of rubbish to move on this #clearance

Posted by Sheen – Complete Floor & Fabric Care on Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Before the rubbish removal can get underway…

When it comes to the meticulous task of needle removal and a rubbish clearance. In a cituation like this, any bags of waste within the property need to be carefully emptied and scoured for needle sticks. Then disposed of correctly to the guidlines of the Evironmental Agency. Any letters or documents containing personal information are seperatly baged and handed to the appropiate person for the owners amidiate attention.

Soft furnings like sofa’s and chairs are broken down, pillows ripped open and crevasses  visually checked for any further hidden needle sticks. This massively reduces the risk of further needle stick injuries within the handling process. Not just for my saftey but waste managment. Also hard to access areas of the property, which can not over look fisical man handling to search an area. Then requires Hexarmer guantlets. These saftey gloves not only allow you to make a more thourogh inspection, most importantly making it a safer option all round.