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Disposing of needles are one thing, thoroughly searching to perform a needle collection service is another…

After being concerned in performing the dangerous task of needle collection, not only is their safety at risk, the general well-being of the staff being in contact with any form of bio hazardous virus was more important.

Especially when human faeces on site!

Specialist Needle Removal Cheltenham

We were soon contacted by a prestigious building and contractor company to perform a specialist Needle Sweep of an abandoned pub in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for some what more than twelve months.

needle collection gloucestershire

While performing a site survey, it was soon quite evident the abandoned property that was once thriving with business, after closing down had become a drug den for drug addicts.

With human excrement, rubbish bags, empty alcoholic cans and litter dumped everywhere in this small two bed apartment above the pub, our services were more than needed for a safe, thorough and conscientious needle collection and disposal service.

needle sweep


Why are professionals used for needle removal and needle disposal?

Hypodermic needles are most dangerous when not being used by G.P.’s, other trained professionals or in the appropriate manor for prescription purposes.

Often syringes, syringe rappers and safety caps are not even put on the sharp tip of an exposed needle, are found within woodlands, parks, communally used public places, squats or even abandon properties.

Myers! Booby trapped For the emergency services, law enforcement and other agency workers to come into contact with.

Making these situations very skeptical at times in some circumstances, so you can see why needle collection and needle sweeps are left to specialists that can dispose of these contaminated needles in the safest of methods.

picking up needles

It all takes time with needle collection…

The complete filth which in some cases drug dens are, puts the whole needle collection process at far greater danger.

Many potential hazards lay at risk from exposed needles which can carry H.I.V. Hep b, Aids, blood borne pathogens and that’s not even thinking about the natural bacteria that thrive in left over food, blocked toilets with human faeces, waste rubbish contaminated with exposed needles that have been used with illegal drug paraphernalia.

After two days of meticulously clearing all the rubbish and carefully searching with Hexarmour Gauntlet’s to make needle collection safe when direct hand contact is needed, things like draws and sofas become an easier option. Pickers are used to go through bags of rubbish, clothes and generally moving items until all areas are comfortably clear from potential dangers.

Keeping safety in mind..

Protective clothing and reaching over, rather than walking through or around, play a big part in safe measures to the removal and collection of sharps as these can be found absolutely anywhere.


How we can help you? 


  • Complete peace of mind
  • All findings are photographed and logged, discarded in a sharps bin, correctly handled and carefully transported to our preferred waste transfer station with proof of incineration.
  • FREE Advice with Handling Sharps Safely 
  • What to do next.
  • Are you looking for needle removal and disposal from a highly skilled specialist?
  • Free advice could really benefit you right now.


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