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You’r expert guidance, with a blood stained carpet. What to do and not to do, in an unfortunate event!

Do you need help with blood stain removal?

You’ve had an accident and managed to get blood on your lovely carpet, don’t panic, we can save your day with some easy and simple advice!

Here is a (do it yourself) attempt with a blood stain on a carpetFirst things first, please DO NOT over wet the area with any domestic cleaning product, water or fairy washing up liquid! These products WILL NOT aid removal at all, in fact they will just make the stain even worse, costing you more for a professional carpet cleaner to rectify, or you may end up with replacement being your only option.

Nowadays, ‘Google’ is everyone’s protocol, and you may have read or even heard an old wives tale? “Nothing like a bit of this, bit of that, will do the trick!” Believe me It will not work, don’t always jump in guns blazing straight away without getting some proven advice first from an expert at blood stain removal.

What is your carpet or upholstery made from?

Secondly, before you try any product or cleaning method with a made up magic potion solution, knowing what your carpet or upholstery is made from is the most critical factor to know before applying any cleaning product or even attempting stain removal.

If you are unsure, dry the area as explained below and Get in Touch, we will give you all the free tips and advice you could ever possibly imagen!

Listening to an expert could really save you the hassle of, or even…

• Making the stain bigger than it originally was.

• Over wetting your carpet, which can damage the backing and most properly cause the underlay to get wet and subfloor.

• Using the wrong products which can lock the stain in on your carpet making it harder or impossible to remove.

• Leaving your carpet wet/damp for more than 72hrs will make mould and bacteria start to form and set in the fibre or fabric.

Before and after picture of blood stain removal on a wool rich carpet from an elderly couples flat

What is the best thing for me to do when it comes to blood stain removal? 

• Firstly put your disposable gloves on.

• Grab a clean white, dry cloth and blot as much excess fluid as you possibly can, please spend some considerable amount of time doing this, it will give a better end result!

• With a slightly damp cloth (cold water) gently dab the area, from the outside in.

• With another clean, dry cloth blot the area until dry.

>> If the area is quite wet, put a stack of paper towels on the blood stain with a pile of books on the top to act as a weight, monitor every 10-15mins and change paper towels.

• Dispose of all cloths, gloves etc in a separate bin bag, tie with a knot and place in your general waste bin (Please Note! This step can NOT be done if it is within a a commercial environment. All commercial hazardous waste needs to be dealt with correctly).


Thirdly, Please remember that blood is a bio-hazard and extreme caution should be taken to minimise any contact with open cuts, grazes or wounds.  Sanitising is also highly recommended to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

If you are attempting blood stain removal on a carpet that is the size of a dinner plate, or bigger, the carpet padding underneath will be saturated in blood and twice the size.

Please Get in Touch immediately if you are dealing with the clean up of blood from an infected person or after a death, as the severity of the clean up will require specialist sanitising from our trauma cleaning services. This  then, safely and effectively removes all potential blood born pathogens.


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