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Giving you the compassion and help you deserve, throughout a crime scene and trauma cleaning event…

Even though we hope there is not a time that you will have to fall upon using our crime scene and trauma cleaning services, but if you do we are here to help lift one of those burdens from those who are grieving. Also, to give you the guidance to the path of recovery.

As the UK’s leading compassionate crime scene and trauma cleaning company in Gloucestershire, our warmest condolences are with you after having the traumatic experience of dealing with a death. Whether it’s a friend or loved one after a murder, suicide or industrial accident.


 NACSC-Member-LogoFully certified by the UK’s leading accredited training scheme –  National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners

Understanding is our discretion with after death cleaning 

We believe and have built our foundation of crime scene and trauma cleaning, on a basis that requires more than the specialist knowledge and capabilities of a bio-hazard remediation.

Providing you with an understanding approach with respect, a caring nature and professional manor. This combined with the expertise to put you, your home or business in a safe condition. With complete peace of mind.



Three best business Awards 2018



Here for you 24/7 with a blood clean up

As truly dedicated Trauma cleaning and bio hazard removal specialists, attaining an Emergency Rapid Response that you can call with ease. Whether day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

We are always here for you, with the support and guidance needed throughout these unexpected and upsetting times. Which can be dangerous and difficult for you to clean, especially when it comes to the challenges of  cleaning up after a death.


Putting you first with our bio hazard cleaning… 

Our aim is to ensure you receive a customer focused and conscientious service as standard. To deliver diligence and protect you from the dangers of blood borne viruses and odours, that can carry bacteria at a molecule level. You do not have to suffer with the process of cleaning up after a friend or family members unattended death, suicide or crime related investigation. This means you, other victims and survivors can start to put their lives back together.

Our strategically controlled systematic methods contain a wealth of knowledge, care and trust. This enables us to exceed hospital grade disinfection standards in sanitising at the scene of a crime, natural death, personal accident or industrial fatality. We provide business and residential clients with a full range of bio hazard restoration and cleaning assistance.

Various tasks cover cases that involve decomposition clean up, blood clean up, communicable disease outbreak, odour removal, forensic cleaning or specialist suicide clean-up.

In fact, any type of specialist bio hazard removal & disposal!


  environment agency

Our 5 point ethics, guarantees your peace of mind when you hire a cleaner!

Our foremost belief is to give you the best quality of service. With the commitment to stand by you at these times of hardship, during and after we have performed our bio hazard clean up services.

A rapid response within two hours after receiving your call, is to treat any crime scene and trauma cleaning as worse case scenario. To start removing all traces of any life threatening biological contamination, infectious pathogens and to prevent (if any) further cross contamination. Most importantly, keeping you and any family members safe, to give you that most needed time to grieve.

Industry leading standards and training. Expertise and experience of working alongside highly regarded representatives, chemists and other professionals that ensure the highest level of disinfection possible. Recovering any bio hazard situation with our strategically controlled systematic methods. Which has been built from the back bone of high standards, cleanliness and sanitisation. Including food manufactures and hospitals.

Reassuring back up, every time when it comes to a physical time of tragedy. Making sure a bio hazard clean up and structural removal is done correctly, first time round. This being vital to us, more importantly you!

After the meticulous protocol of removing all traces of biological material and fluids. Swab testing integrated into our services with ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), make sure there are no traces of harmful contamination. And guarantee thorough remediation of the working area.

Certification of sanitisation comes as standard and completely free of charge. Whether we are cleaning up after an unattended death, removing animal faeces, disinfecting raw sewage or sanitising a food service area. Standing behind our work gives you the ease to move forward. Knowing your home, vehicle or business is in a usable condition with no lingering odours.


24/7 Emergency Response Get in touch Today! 


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