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Imagine professional carpet cleaners that beautifully restore your carpets and produce a healthier, cleaner lifestyle for you and your family…

Updated: 17/01/2018: Are you looking for a dedicated expert. To lovingly clean your carpets, to a high standard? Well you’re in the right place! Let us perform the magic, while you sit back and watch the results, you may of thought was not even EVER achievable. This comes from the, most professional carpet cleaners in and throughout the Cotswold’s.


When do I need a carpet cleaning Company?

  • Do your carpets look tired or grubby in the main used areas?
  • Is the pile not as fluffy as the day when you first bought it?


It’s now time to remove that unsightly lodged soil, trapped dust, filtered pollution and allergens. Not forgetting, walked in bacteria and microscopic creepy crawlies that gallop around in the hidden depths of your cherished wall to wall carpeting.


Firstly, do not panic! All that dirt and bacteria can carefully be extracted out. Using methods, recommended by most carpet mills. Like steam cleaning (hot water extraction). To which, are only one of many specialist methods. Developed in house to be safe for you, your children and pets.

Secondly, not only do we love to make sure you get the most rejuvenating clean. That is like a breath of fresh air! Completley hassle free. And having respect for you and your home. Is our top priority, to you. Why? Because this is how it should be done.


What should I expect…

  • Dry in hours NOT days, NO sopping wet carpets. Guaranteed!
  • No vapours, powders or enzymes that cause respiratory concerns. Or anything else that is bad for you, or your family’s health. Of course, this does include your beloved pets.
  • Chemical sensitivity options available
  • Expert knowledge from a passionate, family run carpet cleaning company
  • Attention to detail and diligence of care to your investment
  • Property protection, no damage to furniture


Our seal of approval 100% money back guarantee If for any reason. You are not happy with our expert carpet cleaning services, brought to you. Or feel we have not knocked your socks off, with our phenomenal service experience. We will give you your money back! And pay for two to dine, at your favourite place of choice. GUARANTEED!    


Award Winning Carpet Cleaning Services

This is our award as the most loved professional carpet cleaners in the whole of the UK

Providing you with a “That will do attitude” is completely out of the question. We promise you, the most outstanding customer service you have ever experienced. Whith our extensive 10+ step by step process. This enables an unbeatable thorough cleaning, of your carpets. To remain healthier and look completely restored.

Being voted by local people. The 3rd most loved carpet and upholstery cleaning business in the whole of the UK. Feels like a massive accomplishment. As you can probably imagine, we are delighted with achieving this award. Not only does this put a huge smile on our faces. Knowing we are with the very best in the nation! Most importantly, it is knowing we are doing the right thing for our valued customers.


What our Client’s say

” We were very pleased with previous cleaning services from Sheen, so it made sense to go back to Adrian for carpets to be cleaned this time. Again, excellent efficient service from someone who takes great pride and care in what he is doing. Provides lots of useful tips  about ongoing maintenance. Many thanks “

Rosalind Barnes – Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Will the stains come out with professional cleaning?

It is so shocking to see the amount of stubborn spots, spills and stains. That have been removed with advanced stain removal techniques. This usually is, on our behalf. And our paying customer turns around and say’s. “Wow the other carpet cleaning company could not remove that last time”. Is this down to incompetence, or could they just not be bothered at all?

It just goes to show, you really do get what you pay for. No guarantees can be given on removing stains. Or on attempts previously beforehand. But you will receive from us, 110% dedication to try to remove them. We do GUARANTEE that!

As experts in restoration, you also have our carpet repair service to fall back on. whether you burn, rip or your pet damages the carpet.


How long do my clean carpets take to dry?

Now to drying times! The dreaded question most so called professional carpet cleaners, shy away from. Some may even tell you… within an hour or less, they will be completely dry. I do not think so! I will send a technician round with a moisture probe, if you wish.


Wool carpets take 24-48 hours to be completely bone dry. As wool holds 30% of its body weight in moisture, without feeling damp. While synthetics can appear, to feel dry to the touch quite quickly.

Without a question of doub. When we are cleaning your carpets, upholstery or drapery. Air movers are always present. This helps assist in a faster drying time. And without a doubt, should be in any professional carpet cleaners, cleaning equation. If there is a lack of equipment. Then what else are they going to lack in? This can only be achieved from true specialists, that are experts at carpet cleaning. Why? Because we truly do care about more than just being paid.


A caring cleaning company going that extra mile, just for you…


Not only do we beautifully clean your carpets. With our truly passionate, caring, professional carpet cleaning services.

You will receive one of our fantastic Stain Removers. Just in case, the unfortunate does happen… kids track soil in, the dog marks the carpet. Or that drink is spilled!

It does not stop with just one bottle. Give us a call and we will top your bottle up. For completely FREE! Now, take a big deep breath. And breathe out slowly. Aahhh doesn’t it feel good to know, that your home is in the safest of hands.

What do I do now?

  1. Life is made of decisions. And once you have made the right one, in choosing us to knock your socks off. Putting the pressure on by telling you what needs to be done, is not in our vocabulary. Have a look at our carpet cleaning packages and choose the option that is right for you.

Get in touch Today!

We will take care of the rest. You can sit back and put your feet up! Knowing you are in safe hands, with our professional carpet cleaning services.


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Can I walk on my carpets straight away?

You may walk on your carpet immediately. It will not physically harm the carpet. However, you do run the risk of getting it dirty.

One speck of dried mud on the bottom of your shoe’s, can expand into a pound coin-sized spot. Once tracked onto a damp carpet.

Just use caution and common sense. For instance. If you let your dog outside, wipe their paws when they come back in.

We will leave a pair of high quality shoe covers. For each member of your family. Try to use them until the carpet is dry, once you have hired us as your preferred professional carpet cleaners.


Can my furniture be put back the same day after cleaning my carpets?

Everything is put back in place carefully. With furniture tabs under any sensitive or wooden furniture. This prevents the damage of moisture, to items or colour transfer to the carpet. This is done by myself, after cleaning. By themost loved professional carpet cleaners in Gloucestershire. Have completed drying and the grooming of fibres.



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