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Are you looking for a professional carpet repair company?

Don’t panic, the worry is over…

Updated: 13/04/2017: Damaged your carpet! Unsure if a carpet repair will do the trick?

Have you got a cigarette burn, a tear, or the colour is starting to fade on your carpet next to the patio doors?

Or even the carpet looks stretched from settling, shrunk from a previous poor carpet cleaner.

A tuft or loop is missing from the pile of your expensive wool carpet, bleach has accidentally been dropped? Or maybe the fringes on your rug are starting to disappear.

A whole row has been pulled from your Berber, your beloved pet has permanently stained the carpet! Then help is at hand, even if stain removal is not an option.

The thought of you living with a bug bare, rearranging your furniture or having the cost of replacement would not come into our equation of carpet care, obtaining the ideal appearance is easy when you call us for our carpet repair and re- colouring service.


Before thinking of replacement. A few simple things, should be considered first!

> The cost of replacing the carpet

> New carpet fitting fees

> Disposal of the old carpet


What type of carpet damage can be repaired?

  • Cigarette and fire place burns
  • Rips, wholes and cuts
  • Iron burns
  • Pet damage
  • Permanent stains
  • Car carpet repairs


Your carpets lovingly repaired by hand with traditional craftsmanship 

This is a before and after picture of a carpet repair on a synthetic, grey tufted pile carpet. This carpet was only laid two days before the clients brother's baby son decided to drill a hole in the carpet

Will the carpet restoration be invisible?

With the majority of carpet repairs you will be completely blown away, on the odd occasion it can slightly be seen just because you know it is there.

Our aim is to salvage your carpet and be your hero for the day!

Is carpet replacement required with bleach stains?

Most certainly Not! After the carpet cleaning process to remove all bleach residues, matching the colour on a sample is the next step.

Firstly we always ask you for your thoughts before applying pigments to your carpet, we are positive you will be amazed with our carpet recolouring services.


Our seal of approval 100% money back guaranteeIf for any reason you are not overwhelmed with our skill in craftsmanship and want to replace your carpet, then you always have our 100% Money Back Guarantee to fall back on.

Making sure you are completely delighted with our service experience is our tip priority, apart from repairing your carpet that is! 


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