Yellow lid Medical Waste sharps bin

What does a 5 Litre Sharps Bin look like?

  What is a needle bin…   Holds and transports sharps containing or contaminated with medicines (other than cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines), such as sharps used for blood samples and

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biohazard specimen bag

Orange Medical/Hazardous Waste Bags

  What do hazardous waste bags look like… Holds and transports biomedical waste (non-sharps). What can go in this bag? Clinical/infectious waste Hazardous/non hazardous Infectious waste that can be rendered

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Performing a Suicide Clean up

Specialist Suicide Clean Up

  Giving you the guidance and compassion, throughout a suicide clean up remediation    When it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a suicide clean up, not only can

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Human faeces

Human Faeces Clean up, Cleaning Human waste

  !WARNING! Don’t Scroll down if you have a weak stomach for human faeces!

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Needle Collection, Needle Sweep, Sharps Bin & Clinical Waste Disposal

  Disposing of needles are one thing, thoroughly searching to perform a needle collection service is another… After being concerned in performing the dangerous task of needle collection, not only

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needle colection

Hypodermic Needle Removal in Car Gloucestershire

  Gloucestershire Constabulary’s, first choice for expert needle removal…   After being called out to perform hypodermic needle removal in a hire car. For a national repair centre, extra caution

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Half bio hazard symbol in a blue circle which represents our specialist sanitising, crime scene & trauma cleaning

Specialist Sanitising & Extreme Cleaning in Gloucestershire

What is Sanitising & ULV Fogging? Sanitising fogging equipment is used predominately for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides. Our foggers generate a fog or mist formed of

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