What is Steam Cleaning?

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Professional or DIY?

For Steam cleaning my carpets…

One of the advantages of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, is their very powerful equipment. Which produces massive volume of vacuum. This allows the carpets to dry much, much faster. Also with a constant flow of pressurised steaming hot water. Reaching temperatures, that you can not with machines you fill with hot water. Or hire from D.I.Y. stores.

Steam helps sanitise in the carpet cleaning process

Not even a hired piece of equipment can produce hot enough temperatures. You can put hot water into the fresh water tank. But, the time it comes out the cleaning tool, its lukewarm! And everybody knows, hot water cleans easier than cold.

So, when it comes to steam cleaning carpets…

This heat gives an overall safer and superior clean. Because less chemicals are being used, in the aid to brake down soiling and some stains. This in turn. Adds to the fact, more water is going to be used to flush contaminants out of your carpet. When using a brought domestic machine, or even hired equipment. Over wetting the carpet. Is the one thing, you do not want to do! Not only will you end up delaminating the carpet backing. You willl most likley, end up with mold growing in carpet!



The advantages of steam cleaning a carpet!

Are to cut through grease and grime, rapidly. And assist in the drying time, as boiling hot water evaporates much faster. And helps in sanitising your soft furnishings. But! If we used steam, just on its own. This vapoursied water would not flush ingrained soil, dirt and other contaminants. Out of the grimy depths of your carpets.

Hot water extraction aka steam cleaning