Do Scotchgard Carpet Protectors actually work?

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Imagine if you spilled coffee, will it stain your carpet? 

Scotchgard carpet protector is an option to consider…


Scotchgard carpet protector, why you can benefit…

Scotchgard carpet protector can give you many benefits when hiring a professional:

  • Stain prevention against oil and water based fluids
  • Reduces wear on your fine soft furnishings from grit, soil and dirt (Did you know? These all act like sand paper on your fibres, that’s why you get those light looking traffic areas after cleaning!)
  • Improves the appearance for longer, cost effective alternative to replacement and most importantly makes maintenance of your wall to wall carpeting, a LOT EASIER when you hire a Professional carpet cleaner.

Don’t believe the hype!

Do Not be Miss Sold the advantages of a Scotchgard carpet protector!!!

Some of our rivals use tactic’s to over sell the benefits of a Scotchgard carpet protector!

  • Misleading people into thinking that these protectors are bullet proof?
  • You will never need to clean your carpet ever again!
  • If you spill bleach, it will not stain or effect your carpet, if you leave it!?

Yes I know, very profound. Scotchgard is designed to help prevent staining by acting like water on a ducks back, giving you the time to mop it up and prevent permanent staining. Not magically make the fluids disappear, that really is pushing the boat out!

It really does work when applied correctly.

Once a client told me “the last guy told me when he cleans the carpet it protects it at the same time”, this really is a horrible situation to be in when you have to tell someone they have been ripped off, good job they found us.

Look for real Value…

The best advice i can give you is to only hire a true professional, how do i know if they are fit for purpose i hear you say?

  • Ask for a demonstration of the Scotchgard carpet protector before it is applied
  • Do they have a Guarantee that is more than based on satisfaction
  • Will you get a FREE 12 Month ‘Spot & Spill’ Warranty with your purchase of a Scotchgard carpet protector
  • DO NOT except a warranty that is pages long with loads of small print. You need simple, easy to understand plain English with no hidden ‘get out clauses’

scotchgard carpet protector


P.S. I hope this has answered or highlighted the advantages of a Scotchgard carpet protector for you, if its not working then its probably down to who you hired. For any further questions or advice we are always more than happy to help Get in touch >>> and we will do our best to advise 🙂