Why You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Only?

8 things to think about first!

Don’t get me wrong machines that can be hired from DIY stores are practical machines and adequate for a quick whip over to remove surface soil from your carpet and upholstery (even though they claim to deep clean, doesn’t clean me CLEAN?), while other domestic machines on the market are no where near comparable!! The worst thing about a hired machine is not the product but the person using it, going in guns blazing without a thought or an ounce of knowledge in what is being done.

Next thing you know, its too late! You will find yourself seeking expert advice with maybe a hefty bill to sort the concerns out from a pro (believe me I have seen it happen). So if your into a bit of DIY do your research first. One would think cleaning carpets is a simple task, well you are 80% correct.

Anybody can clean a carpet, that bit is the simple part, its knowing how. Being mislead into false, advertising gimmicks is the corrupt ploy for you to waste your money! For instance there is not one stain remover on this planet that can multi-task. As an example have you bought one off the shop shelf and then used it in action to find out,

a) it either didn’t do anything?

b) the stain came back?

c) it turned dark after a couple of days?

d) The stain disappeared but that area turned lighter?

Well to answer those questions, the reason it didn’t remove that stain was because it was the wrong sort of product used for what you were dealing with. The stain came back or re-appeared because a sticky residue was left in the carpet from using the shop bought product, and then dirt managed to stick to your carpet fibres just like dust and hair would to sellotape. For an area to turn lighter than the rest of the carpet is because the product didn’t remove the stain it bleached it out.

Most of these stain removing products have oxidizers which react to oxygen. When left to dry, resulting in a lighter patch because the product wasn’t thoroughly rinsed out. They don’t tell you this on the tin do they? These same oxidizers are used to bleach our white shirts in the washing machine, but and the big BUT is our carpets do not have a rinse cycle like a washing machine.

When we are not educated on something how can we be expected to know any better. Well that’s why I was put on this planet, to educate people like you of the facts….apart from restore soft and hard furnishings that is. So anyway the remaining 20%, 10 is for a hard graft and trust me it can get a bit hot and sweaty. The other 10 is finding where to source the correct products. Ones that are safe on natural and certain synthetic fibres, safe for you, your children and pets health, the list is endless. So have a quick look at our 8 things to think about first and I hope this can either save you some money or most importantly give you the results you desire. 

These ‘8 things to think about first’ for why you should hire professional carpet cleaners only, was put together for your education and the aim to save you the hassle and more importantly a costly mistake. Please feel free to comment, thoughts of what you think, ask for advice or any further questions, Help is always at hand!