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Have you damaged your Marble fireplace surround?

Imagine a safe, simple marble fireplace restoration solution!

Here’s how…   

Prevention on even having to find a professional marble fireplace restoration company would be ideal, wouldn’t it? That’s if you were told at the start of your purchase to begin with, how simple the task of cleaning your fireplace is!

Once you know how, you will kick yourself. It really is an effortless way to correctly care for your fire surround on a regular basis.

Even that much so, if you employ a cleaner they will just find this method a joy and not just a dreaded task.

When it comes to maintaining a newly or previously installed fire surround, you may find you’re asking yourself these 5 questions:

  • What do I clean my fireplace with?
  • Can the fireplace be damaged by the product I’m using?
  • Can I even clean my fireplace?
  • I’ll just Google some DIY tips or home remedies!
  • Can damaged areas be fixed?

As you can see from the pictures below, a bathroom cleaner was sprayed to give this beautiful fireplace a clean. Products like these are not safe on the stone and will damage the surface permanently. You will then require the expertise from a marble fireplace restoration company to come and save your day!

marble fireplace repair b4


As you can see, the bathroom cleaner has etched the stone. On this occasion our safe marble polishing process removed all damage, leaving the stone with true clarity!




marble fireplace repair after


Here is a quick video of marble fireplace restoration that was performed in Gloucestershire.




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Posted by Sheen – Complete Floor & Fabric Care on Monday, 6 June 2016

Home remedies and DIY tips work best for me! 

Whether you troll the internet or have heard from someone that a tip or trick will do the job. But to which of the hundreds of home remedies, tips and tricks do you choose from? The thing is, what works and what is actually safe for you to use on your expensive stone, is a whole new chapter in itself.

Don’t get me wrong some are so very true and do indeed work, while others are complete rubbish, even some just don’t do anything at all! What ever the case, are you prepared to take the gamble?


Three easy maintenance steps, to keep your new or beautifully restored fireplace in tip top shape:

  1. Spray surface with: Fine Stone Cleaner, this uses the latest advanced surfactant technology, incorporating natural plant extracts to help clean deep down, removing normal soiling and helps to improve the natural appearance of the surface.
  2. Using a microfiber cloth to wipe cleaning solution.
  3. For Fireplaces that are polished apply: Marble Care Polish, contains waxes and natural additives, to provide an outstanding polished finish.  This product is specially formulated for use on all marble work surfaces such as, kitchen work tops, tables, vanity units, fire surrounds, marble pillars, and marble banisters.

NOT FOR USE ON FLOORING – May create slippery hazard


Education is key and once we are done giving you all the possible FREE advice, with out a doubt you will be a proud owner once again of your stunning fireplace surround.

As a leading industry expert in cleaning and restoration, feel free to ask us absolutely anything! Whether its removing challenging stains on your carpets to a simple limestone cleaning method on your floor, for utter ease on maintenance. We are always more than happy to help.



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