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Are you looking for a professional Limestone cleaning, restoration and polishing expert in Gloucestershire?

Sheen Complete Floor & Fabric Care provide a phenomenal Limestone cleaning service experience that is second to none. Whether its a dirty looking floor, the tiles in your bathroom are losing their shine or your grout lines are giving you a headache? Your concerns can soon be corrected.

Our passion as a Limestone cleaning company is to restore your hard furnishings back to and in some instances better than when they were first installed. There is nothing more pleasing than seeing a delighted customer with a big smile on their face as our flawlessness in quality was beyond predetermined expectations, that’s probably why we are the number one company in Gloucestershire whether its Limestone floor cleaning, polishing or complete restoration of your floor surface.

What can I expect with a Limestone floor restoration service…

  • Skill in craftsmanship with a passionate, dedicated attitude
  • To treat your property with complete care and respect every time
  • Attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Provide an outstanding service experience from the initial enquiry to after completion of the restorative works
  • Always there for you with free advice, tips and help on maintenance. Ask us absolutely anything!

 limestone cleaning limestone sealing with sheen finish

Putting you first when cleaning Limestone floors

Our aim is to blow you off your feet with our skill in craftsmanship and quality in customer care. This is something we believe every consumer should receive as standard.

So How Does This Work?

If you believe we have not provided this then we will rush back immediately and rectify any concerns. If we feel that you are still not overly delighted then a full refund will be given…and buy you dinner for two at your favorite place to dine! Being the only cleaning and restoration company that we know of in the whole of the United Kingdom to offer such a tangible guarantee we feel confident you will be more than pleased, otherwise we have made ourselves a failure, most importantly we have let you, the customer down!


How does the stone cleaning process work?

We believe in listening to our clients to discover what they would like to achieve from the work they require, and then set about discussing with them and giving our best advice for what they are looking to achieve. Once we have done this and thoroughly examined the area/s of concern you may have this will determine the best method, whether Limestone cleaning, polishing or restoration you require.

Property protection is always key in our Limestone cleaning equation by protecting skirting boards, kitchen cupboards and placing dust sheets down where required. Once the time has been taken to prep accordingly to the documented examination, the turning point of the restorative work begins and where we guarantee to make a massive improvement.

Once the job is complete and the area/s properly cleaned up, we will take the time to walk through highlighting what we have exactly performed, and if there is an area of concern which could not be corrected. We thrive on making sure you are 100% happy with the work carried out and delighted with our services bought to you.

Products that are safe for you, your family and limestone flooring….

For many years, really smelly products with odour’s that lingered for what it seemed to be a lifetime are now a thing of the past!

We have sourced manufactures and suppliers across the country to find products that are tried and tested specifically for Limestone cleaning and Travertine floor cleaning, as these are formed from the same stone. All of which are made from natural plant extracts, do not have an effect on the environment, do not have unpleasant smells, but still doing a great job to hand at a very high standard.


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 Meet the family at Sheen Complete Floor & Fabric Care

Meet the team at resized

Hello I’m Adrian on the left, founder and skilled craftsman of the company. Whilst studying the science of cleaning, my passion is to restore soft and hard furnishings back to a like new condition, its more than a job its my hobby. I enjoy the country, equine and American sport but most of all I love spending quality time with my children and squeezing in a bit of business to business when I can. It is such a pleasure to be a family run company because I can mix my two favorite things together, solving your concerns and making memories with the little rascals.

Hi I’m Anna, I take care of everything from enquiries, bookings, admin and making sure you receive all relevant information to get the best service experience available plus much more….I am always here to help! Apart from adoring the children in my life, I have to admit I am the one that gives into temptation when a friend asks to go clothes shopping, which will always mean having lunch out somewhere!

We look forward to speaking to you soon, love Adrian & Anna.