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Pulling your hair out with stone tile and grout cleaning?

Tried every product under the Sun!

Then you deserve a beautifully restored floor with stress free maintenance

Updated:17/01/2018: Are you looking for a stone tile and grout cleaning company that can bring your complete floor surface back to life! No matter if it’s tile and grout cleaning, or a full blown restoration service.

Three best business Awards 2018

Not knowing how to keep your floor in tip top shape can be one big bugbear!

Then, I think its about time you found out ‘Our secret to longer lasting, cleaner floors!’

Professional floor cleaners…

Whether it is stone floor cleaning, removing scratches or grout re-colouring. Caring for your floors and creating a healthier indoor environment, is just a small part of our phenomenal service experience we can bring to you.

Treating your property and hard floor with the respect and gentle approach it deserves, is our top priority. As we love these organic and synthetic materials as much as you. No high pressurised equipment is used that can damage your investment, we are specialists not clowns.


Our seal of approval 100% money back guarantee: Blue circle with white stamped 100% and pink ribbenBringing your floors back to life with a simple and easy method on maintenance is not only our priority, but passion. Providing a second to none service experience and complete care for you and your home. We feel comes as standard, every time!

If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the end result. Or feel we have not knocked your socks off. Then we will refund every penny! Also pay for two to dine at your favorite place of choice, no questions asked! 

You, cleaning stone floors and the environment in mind

Enhancing vitality and adding an unblemished look while keeping things safe for you, your family and pets. With our low odour, environmentally friendly products made from natural plant extracts. This is one of many things we feel sets us apart from the crowd.

So consequently thinking of living with tired old tiles is definitely out of the question. Whether its a synthetic tiled floor, stone tile and grout cleaning, resurfacing or natural stone floor restoration service you require. Your floor can be brought back to life with the combination of 110% dedication, skill and expert craftsmanship. No matter what the circumstances!


What our clients say

“Very satisfactory, the tiles on the quarry floor are lovely and brighter once again. Work carried out efficiently and very tidy”

Caroline Tosh – Quarry Tile Floor Restoration Gloucestershire

What level of floor cleaning do I require?

One thing to take into account is almost every floor type will require to be sealed. With out this you are exposing the surface that gets walked on daily. Which in time will cause the appearance to dramatically decrease.

Putting your floor into a category will aid in which sort of level of service you may require.

  • Natural Stone Floors 
  • Vinyl Flooring (LVT) 
  • Synthetic Tile Floors


Taking advantage of our FREE floor care consultation will aid you in all the advice and tips you could ever possibly imagine. This then in turn will keep your once beautifully restored floor in tip top condition. With utter ease and simplicity! No matter what floor type, shape or description it is.


So what can actually be achieved whith cleaning tile floors?

Firstly lets start with a floor you have had for a period of time, but have been banging your head against a brick wall with maintenance.

Regular stone tile and grout cleaning is not an easy task, especially when the desired look is no longer achievable.

With little to no expertise , equipment and experience. You have frustratingly been going round in circles with old wive’s tales, tips and tricks. To only quickly find out your stone tile and grout cleaning is not a straight forward simple task!

We really do thrive from seeing your floor transform into something beautiful, there is nothing more satisfying! Especially when you can give all the guidance you could possibly imagine, on how to keep a lovely restored floor in tip top condition.


Secondly the natural stone floor you have uncovered 

When moving into a new property or you decided to rip up that old carpet and discovered something that could look absolutely amazing.

Having one or many concerns to tackle from carpet grippers, glue, drilled holes and cracks. An etched surface, cement deposits, efflorescence, paint splashes, too ingrained dirt. Or even a hard floor that has suffered from water damage.

Whichever one you want to call it restore, renovate or reclaim they can all be achieved with any of our cleaning, resurfacing and restoration options for virtually every floor type, shape, size and description.


Get in touch Today!


Can my floor be restored or do I buy new?

The back bone for developing this company was not just for our passion and love for soft and hard furnishings. It is to completely blow you away with skill in craftsmanship. Not forgetting our approach to making you overwhelmed with what can be achieved. Seeing your smile reassures our quality in service and care for your property.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, your floor can be cleaned, restored and even polished. To maybe look better than when it was first laid! Still not sure? Remember you have our absolutely ridiculous guarantee to fall back on. So replacing your floor didn’t cost you a penny to start with.


My Marble looks dull, lifeless and scratched!

Let’s face it when we have marble we want it to look elegant, so turning to the right stone floor polishing company can be a difficult decision to make, thank fully you found us.

Only the experts can remove stains, blemishes and scratches. Finally leaving you with a polished look you have craved for years. You will be the envy of all your friends and family. With the most expensive looking polished marble floor in town.


Some of my tiles are higher than others, can this be sorted so I don’t trip over anymore?

Good question! If you are finding movement in your natural stone floor over a long period of time, or it was poorly laid on installation. The panic is over! We call this Lipage and it can be removed with resin bonded diamond encrusted pads. These will grind your floor down for that flat, even flush feel.


Can I change the colour of my grout lines?

Most definitely! After thorough preparation a wide variety of colours can be chosen for grout line re-colouring of tiled walls and floors.

Can stone tile and grout cleaning also be done on the walls of my bathroom and shower?

Mould, mildew, body fats, scum build up and lime scale can all contribute to the appearance of deterioration. As well as shower gels and shampoo products staining the face of your tiles. We would not be an outstanding service provider, if we did not assist you and restoring them back to their former glory.


Can ring marks on my kitchen Worktop be rectified?

This is one of the most common questions I hear. Incorrect cleaning products, drink spills and general wear can cause stone and composite countertops to have a smeary appearance. Sometimes even patchy or scratched.  So don’t get upset, most areas of concern can be rectified with a skilled craftsman in and around an hour.


Why does my Travertine have holes?

Holes in these types of stone are a very common thing. This will happen at some point of your travertine’s life.

Travertine naturally comes out of the earth like this. Before they are sold, these holes are filled with resin when they are produced into tiles. They are then honed for a smooth finish. Over time the resin falls out. As a stone restoration craftsman this can be rectified with ease.


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