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Is Quarry tile floor cleaning really that simple…

When your existing Quarry tile floor is maintained correctly, or with some simple guidance or helpful tips from us, yes!  But when a beautiful clay based material that is very porous has been covered with carpet grippers, glue stuck to the Quarry tile floor or has been mistreated from various trades, a challenging and excruciating task may lay ahead for yourself.

Removing paint flicks and even cement from years long gone, or soaked in plaster after renovating a newly bought or vacant property, not to mention the oils and grease that creates a challenge for abrasive industrial (non slip) quarry tile floor cleaning, you can soon see there is more to restoring these floors than just a mop and bucket.

Specialist knowledge, passion and determination from truly dedicated experts in Professional Quarry tile floor restoration are more than needed.


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The picture above is of a property in Gloucestershire with a Quarry tiled floor measuring at 84 square meters, after three days of scraping, scrubbing and resurfacing these results were achieved with our extensive Quarry tile floor cleaning, sealing and restoration services.

Restoring an historic element as floor cleaning specialists

Whether its a Victorian Quarry Tiled Floor from 1800’s or a modern Encaustic Tiles, the results that can be achieved from an array of patience, knowledge, passion and true craftsmanship is something in itself.

Having to face the fact of giving up, taking the brunt of the cost of replacement is a thing of the past just like your floor. Glory can be restored like the day it was first laid, and in some cases better, which are vary similar to the restoration and/or slate floor cleaning process as both floor tiles share a composite clay material.

Our Quarry tile floor cleaning and restoration services can transform your cherished or uncovered project into an overwhelming reality, making your day and us very proud!

The key to easy maintenance when tile cleaning?

When regularly caring for a newly laid, old or recently restored Quarry tile floor dust mopping or dry sweeping is a vital part to removing surface dry soil and contaminants, followed by daily or routine damp mopping (flat mop system) when quarry tile floor cleaning, a Natural stone Cleaner which can easily be purchased from us, just to make life that bit more simple for you. This cleaning solution will aid in removing any heavily soiled areas and ground in grease and grime, just in case your floor does get a bit grubby after we have given it a complete new lease life, while leaving a pleasant fresh fragrance.

Keeping you, your stone floor tile and the environment in mind!

When cleaning your Quarry tile floor in your own home, or when we perform a service on a restoration or maintenance level, low odour, solvent free and natural extracts are a big part to the make up of the chemicals we use for your complete peace of mind.

Maybe that is why, alongside our passion we share for these natural organic materials, this makes us first choice for service and trusted leading expert for Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration in Gloucestershire.


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