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I wanted to let you in to a little secret when it comes to having your modern or oriental rug cleaning, here’s how…

Firstly let’s highlight how area rugs are constructed so things are a little clearer.

True oriental rugs are made in various countries ranging from Romania, through Turkey, Armenia, Iran and Afghanistan. Also Turkestan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, and Mongolia. Being made with a variety of traditional weaving and hand knotting techniques that have been passed down through generations. These have taken decades to master, designs being copied from a cartoon (design template) or inspired from the weaver, in some cases expressing their way of life.


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Losing your fringe is like having a hole in your pocket!

The very foundation of an oriental rug is the cotton or wool warps (fringes). Even though some are attached after the construction of a rug, which you will find with an Oriental Chinese Rug. So the longevity of these warps are not as important. Where as with an Indian Rug this can be detrimental to the life span if left to fray for too long, resulting in an elegant rug falling apart. And if your Oriental Rug is worth some considerable amount of dosh, then this can be a costly mistake to over look.

Does silk have value?

The fibres of an oriental rug are usually wool or silk. Raw unprocessed wool is separated for long white fibers, then washed and carded before spinning and plying. Tribal or village weavers do all this by hand. The yarn is then dyed in a variety of colors using vegetal material such as insects and roots to give the wool a rich colour.

Silk being the more expensive textile to use will give a rug considerable amount of value, texture and appearance.

Modern rugs are just as important…

Machine made or of the tufted kind, where the backing is glued to the rug with latex. The latex holds the fibres of the rug, being the main structure to keeping them in tact. When choosing a rug cleaning method, even if it is an extraction of the face fibres, these rug still need as much attention and care as if you owned an expensive Persian Rug. My belieth is to treat every fibre and fabric with the respect it deserves, exspecially when washing your items in the rug cleaning process.

When choosing an oriental rug cleaning service, it is important to make sure you are confident that they are capable of preforming such tasks. Why? If a latex glued (tufted rug) backing is left wet for too long the latex will start to disintegrate, leaving a dusty powder on the floor which can be noticeable when the rug is lifted. Latex also will have a permanent smell of damp if left wet for too long, this is irreversible and your lovely rug will only be fit for one thing, the skip!

How do I know if my rug has latex?

Turn your rug over, if there is a material that appears to be stitched or glued then this is a tufted rug. Most modern rugs are constructed this way.

Rug cleaning can be a funny thing!

Over the years I have heard some funny stories, things like “the dirtier my oriental rug the more its worth”. “I was told its worth a lot of money” the funniest, “the urine stains give it more character”. Well, believe what you like, my mission is to educate one for there advantages.

  • Dirt acts like sand paper as it is grit and sand. Which wears fibres down, resulting in time wear and dark traffic areas. Believing one that a rug is worth some money can only come down to trust and education. If you love something so much, you will spend the money!
  • Leaving urine in say i.e. a wool rug, as most oriental rugs are made of this natural material. Is completely ludicrous, as pet urine is neutral when it leaves the body, but when dries, turns to an alkaline. This then is leaving traces of damaging salts that turn into bacteria.

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