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Are you looking to make the smart choice for your oriental rug cleaning, then imagine something more!

When it comes to oriental rug cleaning. Washing your hand knotted fine wool or silk rugs and tapestries, whether antique or modern. Tremendous care is essential in the oriental rug cleaning process.

So many competitors say they can clean your gorgeous rug in your home, Yeah…and leave dye on your carpet, we have seen this so many times.

Some say they take your rug away! Little do you know. They are blasting it with a pressure washer in the back yard and leaving it to dry. but where?

The most delicate and finest of rugs need a controlled environment and most importantly treated with respect. This is detrimental to the life span of your rug. Finding this out is the most vital thing you can look for when leaving your Persian and tribal carpet. Especially not with an expert rug cleaning company.

Most importantly look for a Specialist Oriental Rug Cleaning Service.

Specialist knowledge of fine and oriental rugs is critical when choosing a cleaning method. To prove our exceptional expertise. I will come to your home completely free of charge. Pre- inspect the condition of each rug in great detail. Looking for fading, discolouration, stains, wear, pre-existing damage. Colour instability and odours. Then from this, determine the different treatments that can be used on your specific handmade or synthetic rug.

No harsh agitation equipment is used or high pressurised equipment. Cleaning your rug the same way as when it was made, by hand! Love and care is put into your fine, soft furnishings that much so. Having a dedicated workshop to tackle the most of challenging concerns. From repairing and restoring rugs from all around the world. Such as Navajo rugs, Tibetan rugs, Persian rugs and Turkish rugs. Also Indian Rugs, Chinese rugs, Kilims, Arbidil, Baluch, Esfahan, Heriz, Isfahan, Sarook, Sarough, Tabriz, Kermain, Nain, Hamadon, Prayer rugs, Saddle bags, Wall hangings and many more under one roof. Most of all treating your rug in the correct manor it deserves.


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How does the oriental rug cleaning process work?

Various methods can be used depending on how your rug is constructed. Also the condition determines whether it can be wet cleaned. On occasions dry power vacuuming is the only option.


The basics no matter what rug cleaning option…

After various dusting and vacuuming procedures, maximum dry soil is removed. (You would be amazed at how much dust, grit and soil your rugs can hold. I have filled a bin liner easily on occasions!) A thorough inspection is taken place. All spots, spills and stains are treated with an array of advanced stain removal methods. Then the chosen method of cleaning is selected from our oriental rug cleaning services,

Fully Submerged

Your rug is carefully submerged in softened water for a pure wash with a detergent designed for stabilising colours. A Wool Safe shampoo dissolves surface soiling. Various specialist soft brushes are used by hand to help break up deeply ingrained contaminants. This light agitation is repeated on the front and back of your oriental rug.

Throughout the whole process. Fresh water is gently rinsed through your rug and the dirty water is pumped out of our custom made Spa. Once the water is clear, this is a good visual that the rug has thoroughly been washed and all soil, pollutants and contaminants are removed.

Once meticulously extracted, your rug is lifted to go in to the drying process for 48hrs in our drying room. Cellulosic fibres prone to browning are placed on a turbo drying floor. While grooming the pile between drying to restore the nap. Detailing the fringes and any necessary carpet repairs are the final steps to a beautifully restored area rug.



Front Face Cleaning

Cleaning the front face of your rug is exactly the same as if we were beautifully cleaning your wall to wall carpeting in your home. The backing does not have any contact with water.

Most modern rugs have the backing glued. If fully submerged and left wet for too long, the glue would disintegrate and the rug would fall apart. Hanging rugs and drying equipment aid in a safer process.

Here’s a video of ‘front face cleaning’ in action! Also the kids helping out in the workshop, over half term brake.

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Dry Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning can be an array of different methods. Power vacuuming with high filtration as some textiles are so delicate this is the only option. A selection of solvents for cleaning by hand. No matter what method is selected great skill and time must be taken into consideration. This giving you the desired results you would expect with our oriental rug cleaning services.

Can you remove pet urine?

Various treatments and techniques can be applied to neutralise and remove odours for sensitive rugs that need to be cleaned by hand. If adequate, submerging your rug is the best option to remove pet odours and damaging salts.

What If you do not operate in my area?

No matter where you are in the UK we can help. If it is out of our free collection and delivery coverage area. We have a dedicated courier service that can pick your item/s up. Every item is tracked so you know exactly where they are and what is going on. Photographs throughout the process can be sent, just so you know we are taking the best care of your rug. Once completed we will contact you to organise a delivery date with the same courier service.


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